Jungle Trekking

While the coast is lined with white sand beaches, the island is tropical in nature. The center of the island features beautiful jungles filled with wildlife. Jungle treks are a common way to spend a day or two when visiting the island. Many are conducted on elephants because there are few roads through the local jungles. For those with a more adventurous spirit and energy to match, some treks are actually done by walking.

For some people there is no better way to take a jungle trek than zip lining through the jungle. There are zip line tours that begin with a walk into the jungle and bring visitors back out on a series of zip lines. If the sky is too high of a limit, there are also white water rafting tours that are combined with jungle trekking. Visitors can hike into the jungle then experience the thrill of battling white water as their raft moves them quickly back down the river.