Enjoying the Beaches of Phuket

Many people dream of relaxing on the fine white sands of a tropical island. Unknown to them, they were dreaming of the beauty of Phuket Island. This tropical paradise has been developed to keep the natural beauty of the island while providing a host of opportunities for beach going tourists. Whether lying in the sun and enjoying the sound of surf is a final destination or a day's rest, Phuket is a gem. It offers a wide variety of activities in the sand and surf as well as the deeper ocean and limestone cliffs.

Swimming and relaxing on the sand are often features of tropical islands. Rather than just relaxing in the sun, most people want to have adventures on their vacation. Surrounded by the Andaman Sea, Phuket is perfect for these visitors. An active visitor can spend a day climbing the karst cliffs of the island. If that palls, they can relax for a short time before they battle the currents while white water rafting.

Under the sea there are a host of creatures. Local reefs have been discovered and are now open to snorkelers and divers. For those that would rather eat fish than look at them, chartered fishing boats abound in this tropical paradise. Charters can be for a half day or a whole day and include a variety of game fish. Spanish mackerel and sailfish are just two of the species that inhabit these waters.

After enjoying the many active sports the island has to offer, a day at the beach is a restful way to recover. One of the joys of Phuket Island is the availability of traditional Thai massage. Many resorts offer Thai massage as part of their services. In case a visitor misses that opportunity, there are masseuses on the beach. They are ready to help visitors work the knots out of their muscles so they can participate in all the sports offered on the island.