Travelling to Phuket

A Visit to the City of Phuket


Recently upgraded from a town to a city, Phuket City has much to offer people interested in history and shopping. The island came to prominence when tin was an important metal in the world economy. Many people flocked to this beautiful island to make their fortunes. When they did, Phuket Town was the center of economic activity. Many of the tin magnates were Chinese, and they build what were considered large mansions in what is now the older part of Phuket Town. They also brought their religion with them and built their own temples.

While the history of the area is truly fascinating, shoppers will find the small shops a boon. Restored to the same look as when they were first built, the older quarter of town is a shopper's paradise. Thalang Road is where shoppers will be able to browse through the shops. No need to worry about the heat as there are plenty of small restaurants and cafes for visitors. The variety is amazing and the prices are reasonable.

History played a large role in the architecture of the city. The Chinese were not the only culture interested in tin. The Portuguese managed to gain entrance to the island's rich mines and built some of the more beautiful homes on the island. Those that just want to admire these homes will find them on Krabi and Dibuk roads.

One of the best draws on the island is the food in Phuket City. Visitors can sample traditional Thai food at many of the stylish restaurants the city has to offer. Those that want a taste of Chinese cooking will find it here as a remnant from the days of tin mining. Unlike many other rural parts of Thailand, Phuket City also offers a variety of restaurants with Western foods. There are several Italian restaurants featured as well as one seafood restaurant that serves dishes from all over the world.